Monday, August 30, 2010

Cabal PH Drop List

I decided to post this rare item drop list for a friends of mine
who is always asking "where to drop this and that" in the guild chat. ^_^
to all PH cabal players who is always searching for cabal item drop list
and following the list in some private servers, guys cabal ph and other
private or international servers are not the same in terms of drop rate and
dropping spots. they are so DIFFERENT...

Ring of luck +1:
>bugmander (DS)
>mummy blader (DS)
>mummy warrior (DS)
>huge spider (GD)
>skeleton warrior (BI)

Ring of luck +2:
>cockatrice (FGR)
>ectoflower (MF)
>D.T. troglo lair (mobs only)

critical ring +1:
>mummy warrior (DS)

critical ring +2:
>D.T. troglo (spider boss)
>mossite (MF)

Vampiric Earring +0:
Lakeside : Bloody Orcs
Volcanic Citadel : Dark Phallanx

Vampiric Earring +1:
Lakeside : Bloody Orcs

Vampiric Earring +2:
Lakeside : Bloody Orc Mage
Mutant Forest : Mossites, Viant
Forgotten Temple B1F : Any chest of the dungeon

Vampiric Earring +3 / +4:
B2F : Random chest in B2F (Vamp +4)
Lakeside : Dark Troll (+3), Berderk Faello (+3 and +4)
Forgotten Temple B1F : Random mobs (+4), Key Quest Chest
Volcanic Citadel : Force Archer Boss

Bracelet of Sage +2 / of Fighter +2:
Lakeside : Bloody Harpy Warrior
Forgotten Temple B1F : Key Quest Chest
Mutant Forest : Mossites

Bracelet of Sage +3 / of Fighter +3:
Lakeside : Berderk Faello (both), Bloody Orcs (BoF3), Bloody Orc Mage(BoF3)
Forgotten Temple B1F : All mobs/chests of the dungeon
B2F : Any mob inside the dungeon

Bracelet of Sage +4 / of Fighter +4:
B2F : Death Soldier (BoF+4)
Forgotten Temple B1F : Key Quest Chest, Random mob (could be any mob i think)
Volcanic Citadel : Any mob of the land (random drop)
Lakeside : Berderk Faello

Bracelet of Fighter/Sage +2 – Slotted:
Pontus Ferrum : Any mob of the land
Mutant Forest : Branny, Ectoflowers (BoF)

Shapes/Discs LVL4:
Undead_Ground : Vampire Steward+ (shape lvl 4)
Forgotten Ruin : Giant Scorpions, Fire Beetles
Mutant Forest : Ectoleafs, Branny
Lakeside : All the mobs of the land

epaulet+3 of all kinds:
>lug queen (DS)
>antra lug (DS)
>wriggle leaf (GD)
>Moscyther (GD)
>moscutter queen (GD)
>ape (BI)
>ghost+ (BI)
>shade (BI)

epaulet +4 of all kinds:

>bugshark (PL)
>stone gargoyle(PL)
>ghoul (PL)
>phantom walker (PL)
>dark soldier (PL)
>dark blader (PL)
>auto cannon OP (FR)
>mecha ape (FR)

Epaulet +5 of all kinds:

>mech buffalo (FR)
>electric bird (FR)
>mechzard (FR)
>lihorn zombie (UG)
>death soldier (UG)
>wrath spector (UG)
>ghost blader (UG)

Epaulet +6 of all kinds:

>death giant (UG)
>death soldier (UG)
>wrath spector (UG)
>giant scorpion (FGR)
>fire beetle (FGR)
>stone beetle (FGR)
>lihorna (FGR)
>hexscyther (FGR)

epaulet +7 of all kinds:

>virulent cauda [boss] (FGR)
>distious mongrel [boss] (FGR)
>ancient cockatrice [boss] (FGR)
>berderk faello (LS)
>bloody harpy (LS)
>ectoleaf (MF)
>branny (MF)

Astral boards:

>auto op cannon (FR)
>hound S-01 (FR)
>Zombie Knight (UG)

>virulent cauda [boss] (FGR)
>distious mongrel [boss] (FGR)
>ancient cockatrice [boss] (FGR)

Astral bikes:

>virulent cauda [boss] (FGR)
>distious mongrel [boss] (FGR)
>ancient cockatrice [boss] (FGR)
>Monakus Karion (FGR)
>station box (RS box)
>legacy chest (EODB1F)
>berderk faello (LS)
>Force Archer [boss] (VC)

Slot Extender Low:

>mechzard (FR)
>Paaks [chest] (VC)
>Jakkr [chest] (VC)
>Blader [Boss] (VC)

Slot Extender Medium:

>any mobs in lake in dusk
>zigdris faello [boss] (map part)
>legacy chest (RS)

Slot Extender High:

>legacy chest (EODB1F)
>berderk faello (LS)
>bloody harpy (Warrior/slave) (LS)

Map part:

>mechmander (FR)
>mechbuffalo (FR)
>electric bird (FR)
>mechzard (FR)

Ruina Station:

>lihorn zombie (UG)
>giant scorpion (FGR)
>zombie fighter (UG)
>death giant (UG)

Epaulet of the dead:

>zombie fighter (UG)
>lihorn zombie (UG)

Seal of darkness:

>ectoleaf (MF)
>mossite (MF)
>ectoflower (MF)
>branny (MF)
>bloody orc (LS)
>bloody orcmage (LS)

Mithril Gloves of Destruction [1] (WA) (attact+16) with 7% sword skill amp on slot.

Berderk faello:
OSM armor suits [2] crafted w/ max crit, amped, +100hp options.

be soon drop in chaos arena next patch.

well those are the rare ones...
just comment if you get something rare that i forgot to mention here.

hope i help you guys.^_^

Have a Happy Gaming! 

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  1. hopefully CA will be easier for low levels ^_^